Saturday, May 8, 2010

Real Joy Mathew Vs Virtual Joy Mathew

This is the story of a smart girl...( hey not me.. Thanks for your guess)... There are some other girls who are smart...(but not as smart as me...!! :D)..
A girl who is font of orkut(not me!!)..Since time is precious I am not giving an introduction.. we will go directly to the story..! We have seen people making fake orkut profiles.. especially boys in the name of girls..!! But this one is different.. we made an orkut profile in the name of a boy "Joy Mathew"( please dont search in orkut now.. it doesnt exist.... we deleted it due to some personal reason..) We sent a friend request to her.. She accepted the the request.. It was not a big surprise.. We tried our level best to make the profile look real.. but the pincode we added was wrong.. We gave the place name as trivandrum.. and gave the code of ernakulam... what to do... as law says there is a loop hole in every crime... :( ... To our surprise some strangers noticed this and not she.. After some days she told us.. her neighbour joy mathew sent her a friend request in orkut.. What a coincidence .... she knows someone named joy mathew , we were shocked....!!!!!!!!!!!! Then it was very easy for us...... From his id we started scrapping her... so many usual questions..........
" How are you.."
" Heard from your mom that you are doing engineering"
"How is your studies"
"will you come to church this sunday..?"
She was bit confused by those scraps...( he dont even smile at her, when she sees him... then why such scraps..!!)
Again he( not he, we) scrapped....
" Can you come to gtalk this sunday?"
Well..... we thought of chatting with her... But that smart girl was afraid and didnt come online for somedays..!!!
He( got confused..??? I have told once its we ok?? ) was not ready to give up... he again scrapped...
"Why you didnt come online.. I waited for you....."
" Miss you da chakkareee........." (Its copyrighted..! :D)
She deleted all those scraps.. She might have thought someone will see those scraps.. She told her close friends (ofcourse we)that joy mathew is disturbing her.. we said...
"Be cool"
(in mind..... then only we can play with you dear...)
She won prize for singing in church..........
Joy mathew scrapped her...
" Congrats.. I want treat.. I thought you will scrap me that great news... but you didnt... :( "
Now she confirmed its her neighbour itself..... next weekend she met the real Joy mathew in railway station.. She was about to ask him, but didnt since his train came... ( Thank God!!!!!!!).. what would have happened , if she had asked him..( Dnt think, I too dnt want to imagine that moment.!)
She told us about the railway station incident.. I was in my room lying on bed... I kept my face tight to pillow, so that she cant see me laughing.... She was going on telling about the stupid things that ( fake) Joy mathew was doing... he has put madhavan's photo as profile picture( her favourite actor) .. he joined all her communities in orkut......... he is sending testimonials........ blah... blah.................!!
We thought if we go on scrapping her..... she will shout at him one day... else she may fall for him :D ......we dont want both to we told her what really happened... eventhough she was angry she took it as a joke..... her anger might have disappeared in our smile..! ( :) So sweet smile as my words)
>>>>>> thanks to orkut, who allows people to make more than 1 profile
>>>>>> to our classmates who were a role model in such chats...
>>>>>>to boys who knows how to flirt nicely...( hey i am not a feminist!)
>>>>>>and to all who have read this post...! Hey dnt waste time... do your work.. Its enough reading blogs !! :D


subina said...

:)good work dear...!!
still remebr the incident..the way u laughed wen she was complaining this in our room..:)Memories of swt hostl life..
u've to add some ph incidents too in this..:)aryaas timer mess incident..:)and how she behaved wen she get mess...:)old sweet memories.... missing all...!!

ssj said...

yaa.good work lekshmyyyyyyyyyyy