Friday, June 17, 2011

Art of working :)

Life has become so much boring.. same office :p .. same colleagues.. same room mates.. of-course same friends :D
Even an idea is not changing my life :(
Waking up at 7.. getting ready to office… climbing 4 floors to take great hostel food..
That too pongal.. applying Volini after each breakfast.. prevention is better than cure.. little bit scared of getting leg pain :p
Atlast reaching office on time.. :)

Onsite call..! That starts with hello!!

Onsite coordinator( The person who gets appreciation for what we does) : Hai.. how are you

I : I am fine [????].. what about you [I dnt have any problem if you are sick also ]

Onsite coordinator(oc): Great [ she will be great, because we people are working hard here :p]

I: Can you please tell me today’s task..?

OC: I don’t have any task for you today.. enjoy :)

:( :( :(

Another boring day at office.. I cnt…How many times I will read the same forward mail again and again..
How many times I will read the same newspaper… [ I am a fast reader :p]

I checked my mail..! there is one mail from my onsite coordinator..!
She has sent me the same email that I have sent her yesterday..!! :D

Hi client , [let it be client]




Onsite coordinator

She has changed the signature from my name to her..!! great.. :)
And kept my name in cc :(

Only one person can save me from this..
I prayed to God to make me invisible… He always answers my prayer…Because I wnt disturb him always..
I think he wont hear my prayer now :( I thought of having a tea..
Went to cafeteria.. and asked for a tea… I waited for some 10 minutes and he is not giving me tea… I shouted at him..
He is not even looking at my face..

Hey I became invisible I think :) :)
I can enjoy one full day at office.. No one is going to ask me why I am wandering here and there..
I came back to my place .. everyone is busy.. thought of pinging someone..
Mostly all have set the status as “BUSY”.. :(
{what you are thinking? How can I touch mouse? Haven’t you seen any ghost movies..:p.. Its like that..
NO one can see me.. and I can do anything :p .. got it..!}

I went near that girl who has kept the status as busy.. 5-6 chat window is open..
She is just busy because of this chatting.. :(
Suddenly she pressed.. ALT +F4 [ shortcut to close the open window :p]
{ please don’t try now… after reading my post you can :)}
See.. I learnt so many things… why did she do that.. did she see me..? :( [ 6th sense for her :p]
I just turned back… Her team lead has come :D

He started .. “ what you are doing…?? Why you haven’t completed the tasks I gave you??”

She : “If I am doing your work… ahem… I mean the work given by you.. how can I complete my tasks “

he : Staring.. :D

She : I will stretch and complete the task

Let her do work.. I started from her place..

I will try to find someone for chatting..

I : hi

X : I am busy.. ping you later..

I : need some help :p


{{{{{{{{{{{ No reply }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

She is busy.. What is she doing.. will check now [I am invisible .. dnt forget :P.. write it 10 times.. if its difficult for you to remember ]

I got irritated when I saw what she was doing.. She was putting kadalai [ dnt you know tamil.. ..!! it means flirting] with some one :(

Some are busy chatting , some are flirting.. what to do why girls are like this.. :(

Someone is seriously working there.. he is doing something.. he looks so tensed.. I think he is the only person who is having work..

I suppose..

He locked his system and got up.. He is going somewhere..

He started talking with someone in phone..

5 min.. 10 min… 1 hr.. 2hr..

Again he came back.. was scrolling screen for 5-10 minutes..

Got up.. went for lunch…

2 hrs over :D

Came back.. the process was repeated…

5hrs of call and break :)

Its 6 pm now… some started logging off the system.. [ save electricity.. go green :) ]

He is still there… one of my friend is asking him.. what he is doing.. he replied..

“I have lot of work… I may stay late.. you leave…”

He started working ATLAST :)

Completed all the task in 1 hr [ has he done the work so fast or is having less work ? :p]

Hey.. he is not leaving office… he composed the status mail and saved it…

After 3 hours he had sent the mail … [at 10 pm]

He has stayed 3 hrs after completing the work in office.

[why!! I don’t know whether the time will come in email when we sent :p..

I am a poor girl and dnt know anything :D]

Now I understood how I need to work and how I need to show others that

I am working… Shortly I will start a course on

“Art of showing u r working.. “

Please register your name before the next appraisal..

Oh God please make me visible..!! else my manager will think I have left office morning itself :)
I pressed Ctrl+S and alt+F4..!!

[Save and close]

My manager is coming…! Let me start the art of working :)